"All the Way" is the first episode of the first season of Happy Days. The episode was written by Rob Reiner, Phillip Mishkin and Garry Marshall and directed by Mel Ferber. It was originally aired on January 15, 1974 on ABC-TV.


Richie Cunningham goes to Arthur's, where he asks Fonzie where Potsie is. He goes inside, where Potsie awaits him and takes him to Ralph Malph, who shows them a hickey he received on his neck.

They go outside and Potsie gives Richie a copy of I, the Jury to read with Mary Lou Milligan, who Potsie has set up Richie with. Potsie says that Mary Lou has a reputation, that she even dated a sailor. They go back inside and talk to Mary Lou and Richie reads the book aloud before setting up his date with Mary Lou.

At dinner, Howard and Marion Cunningham note that Richie is having "growing pains."

At Arthur's Potsie gives Richie advice for his date and tries to demonstrate how to undo a bra, which is unable to do so. After they leave, Fonzie enters and undoes the bra with no effort. Richie then leaves for his date and tells Ralph that he is going "all the way."

Richie goes to the Kellys' home, where Mary Lou is babysitting. They talk a little bit and Richie starts reading from I, the Jury, until blowing in her ear, which she first believes to be a draft. She suggests they neck, but stop when Richie starts tugging at Mary Lou's shirt, prompting her to explain that she does not go that far.

While playing baseball, Potsie and Ralph beg Richie to tell them what happened on his date. Mary Lou shows up and asks Richie to call her before she goes. They ask him again if he went all the way and he lies, saying that he did.

As Richie takes a shower, Howard notes that something is wrong and Richie explains the situation, saying "a friend" instead lied instead of himself. Howard advises "Richie's friend" to tell the truth.

At school, Richie admits to Mary Lou that he had lied to his friends, but has since told them the truth, except for Fonzie, which he plans to do later. Mary Lou explains to Richie that her reputation is untrue. She leaves and Fonzie shows up. Richie admits to him that he lied, which upsets Fonzie, as he has now set up a date with Mary Lou.

Later, Potsie tells Richie that he has set up a date with the girl who gave Ralph his hickey. Richie asks if it is possible to fall in love with a girl who has a reputation.


  • Richie says that he's a junior in this episode, but he doesn't graduate until the fourth season.
  • In this episode, Fonzie opened up a drive-in called Arnold's Drive-In is originally called "Arthur's Drive-In."
  • This is the first episode to use the 1964 ABC Presentation TV camera logo.
  • This also marks the first time the ABC in Color logo was used at the beginning of each episode.


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