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Carmine "The Big Ragoo" Ragusa is a main character who appeared in 150 episode of Laverne & Shirley. The part of Carmine was played by stage/TV/film actor Eddie Mekka.

About Carmine[]

Carmine Ragusa is Shirley's high-school sweetheart and on-again, off-again romance throughout much of the series, until the end of Season 7. Often linked to Shirley, whom he would affectionately refer to as "Angel Face", he's often told to "take a cold shower". When he's not singing at the Pizza Bowl, Carmine's teaching dance at Marjorie Wards Dance Academy in Milwaukee. Later, he'd open his own dance studio.

"The Big Ragoo" is a part-time boxer, one-time delivery boy for The Pizza Bowl, and former Golden Gloves champion, but is constantly working to make it big as a dancer and singer. One of his taglines on the series, and in his Happy Days guest appearances, is when he walks into a room and goes into his rendition of the classic Tony Bennett ballad "From Rags to Riches". In the final episode of the series "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow", Carmine auditions for the musical "Hair", at last landing a major role on Broadway.

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