Charles "Chachi" Arcola was a recurring and later a main character on the ABC-TV series Happy Days and then a main character on its' spinoff, ABC-TV's Joanie Loves Chachi. Chachi was played by Scott Baio in both series.

About Chachi[edit | edit source]

Chachi is Fonzie's cousin. Chachi looked up to Fonzie and wanted to be just like him, and like Fonzie he too is an excellent mechanic. Chachi also proved to be an excellent musician and became the drummer of Richie Cunningham's band. Also similar to Fonzie, Chachi sees Howard and Marion Cunningham as his surrogate parents.

Chachi's first appearance in the series was in "Hollywood" at the beginning of Season 5 in 1977.

Relationship with Joanie[edit | edit source]

Out of all the girls he knew, Chachi was most attracted to Joanie (often using the term "Wah wah wah" in her presence), although Joanie initially did not return the attraction. It wasn't until nearly three seasons later that Joanie finally had a change of heart about Chachi and began dating him in the middle of season 7,

Eventually the two began a serious relationship that, after a brief break-up, culminated in their wedding in the series finale in 1984.

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