Cruisin' was the sixteenth episode in Season 2 of Happy Days, also the 32nd overall episode in the series. Written by Ron Friedman, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, premiered on ABC-TV on February 11, 1975.


Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are forced to go cruising for girls in Howard's DeSoto after Marion dents Richie's car at the supermarket. They find three girls but, later, find their boyfriends who are members of a gang called the Dragons.

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Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go cruising for girls. The three and Bag talk about their plans for the next night. Richie says they want to go cruisin' for girls. Bag bets them that whoever is not making out by midnight has to walk through Arnold's parking lot at midnight in their underwear (Arnold's busiest time).

Marion fixes Richie some blueberry pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice after Marion borrowed his car and dented it at the supermarket. Richie and company are forced to go cruisin' in the family car, a DeSoto. They drive around the pharmacy where three girls are reading . Richie asks Hildie what flavor lipstick she is wearing (Potsie says strawberry, Ralph-rasberry, and Richie-cherry).

It turns out to be strawberry. Hildie asks one of them if one of them could come help her with a lock on a door at her house and Potsie volunteers. Hildie brings 2 of her friends and they are set up. They walk along the street and meet up with some members of the "Dragons". They talk with a Benny Dooley and then The Fonz shows up out of nowhere. Fonzie suggests a drag race at the Ballbearing Warehouse at 11:00pm with the winner getting the chicks. Fonzie talks to Noodles and he comes with Wayney and Spider to the garage to fix the rod (the DeSoto).

Richie wins the drag race, and they find out the girls were just using them to make their boyfriends jealous. The guys run through the parking lot and are banned from Arnold's for a week. They find out that Bag struck out also, and they carry Bag around in his underwear in the parking lot.


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