Fearless Fonzarell: Part 2 was the second part and the conclusion of a two-episode story arc in the third season of Happy Days, and also the fourth episode of of the season, and also, the 43rd overall series episode. Written by Bob Brunner, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, originally aired on ABC-TV on September 30, 1975.


Fonzie is successful in his motorcycle jump, but he crashes into Arnold's chicken stand, injuring his leg. He faces surgery to repair a torn cartilage in his knee; and self-conscious about his condition, Fonzie secludes himself by making himself at home on the Cunninghams' sofa.


Surgery repairs the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the couch, until Richie resorts to extreme measures to get "Fearless Fonzarelli" walking again.

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