Fonzie's New Friend was the 12th episode in the third season of Happy Days, also the 51st overall episode in the series. Co-written by Sid Arthur and Artie Laing, the episode, directed by Jerry Paris, first aired on ABC-TV on November 26, 1975.


The Fonz has struck up a friendship with Sticks Downey, a new youth in the area, and has enlisted him to play drums with the band at Richie's upcoming Hawaiian luau. But racial prejudices arise when Sticks turns out to be black.


1950's social mores concerning racial prejudice and stereotyping are explored when most of their friends refuse to attend the Cunningham's Hawaiian luau after finding out that Richie's band's new drummer and his date are black.


"Bag" (Neil J. Schwartz) makes a rare appearance after being absent for several episodes. Also, "Sticks" Downey (Jack Baker) makes his debut.

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