"Fonzie for the Defense" is the twenty-seventh and final episode of the Season 5 of Happy Days, also the 115th overall episode in the series. Co-written by Dave Ketchum and Tony DiMarco, the episode, directed by Jerry Paris, premiered on ABC-TV on May 20, 1978.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Howard Cunningham and Fonzie find themselves the only members of the jury who are not ready to convict the defendant just because he rides a motorcycle.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Howard and Fonzie are both summoned for jury duty. The case involves an African-American biker (Ralph Wilcox) who is accused of stealing an old lady's purse, and it seems to be an open-and-shut case. However, Fonzie hangs the jury, believing that the young man is "not guilty-amundo," and must convince the rest of the jury.

Scene excerpts[edit | edit source]

Character quotes

  • Fonzie: Jason Davis was riding a Grand Mark 2 motorcycle when he was picked up!
  • Howard: We know that, Fonzie.
  • Fonzie: That's right, you know that, Mr. C-but do you know that the Grand Mark 2 is a very rare bike-and it's only made in England!
  • G.W. Burch: That's another thing wrong with him! He don't even buy American!
  • Fonzie: [he scoffs and prepares to recreate incident] Get right over here, ma'am. OK, look, Mrs. Leary, now hold onto Exhibit B, the handbag, Mrs. Leary is supposedly standing in the parking lot holding her little handbag. OK, Look... Jason supposedly whips by and grabs the-

[woman hesitates]

  • Fonzie: You're supposed to let go of the purse, ma'am. Jason Davis supposedly whips by, takes the purse, and holds it up!
  • G.W. Burch: So?
  • Fonzie: I hate it when people say, "So?"


  • Fonzie: Here's the important part. The criminal was supposed to have the handbag in his left hand!
  • Howard: Well, naturally, Fonzie! he had to accelerate the bike with his right hand!
  • Fonzie: And there's the rub, ladies and gentlemen. The Grand Mark 2-made in England-has the accelerator on the left-hand handlebar! Now how can Jason Davis grab the bag, hold it up with his left hand, and accelerate with the same hand? With two left hands? He can't! I rest my case... That's what's been buggin' me the whole time, Mr. C.!
  • Howard: You're right, Fonzie! it says here that he held up the purse with his left hand!
  • Fonzie: Right, now, due to the evidence I've exposed here, it is impossible for you to find Jason Davis guilty!
  • Howard: Well, in light of this new information I think we should take another vote!
  • G.W. Burch: Hold it, there's still something wrong here!
  • Fonzie: Only for you! Mr. Davis can't change his color! Sorry!

Connections[edit | edit source]

  • 12 Angry Men (1957 film) - A similar story with Howard Cunningham and Fonzie get picked for a jury, with Fonzie being the lone hold-out for innocence and swaying the rest of the jury.

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  • Three Caballeros (uncredited) - Music by Manuel Esperón, Lyrics by Ray Gilbert, Performed by Ron Howard and Erin Moran

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