Guess Who's Coming to Christmas was the 11th episode in 2 of Happy Days, also the 27th overall series episode. Written by Bill Idelson, the episode, directed by Frank Burrows, first aired on ABC-TV on December 17, 1974.


The gang is looking forward to spending Christmas with their families, but Richie discovers that Fonzie will be spending his all alone; so he invites Fonzie home to spend Christmas with the family.


The Cunninghams are looking forward to their usual family holidays together. However, Richie finds out that his friend Fonzie, despite being popular, is all alone at Christmas. He asks his parents if Fonzie can share their holiday, eventually they agree and Richie invites him, although he's reluctant at first.

Note: This episode also marks the final appearance of Chuck Cunningham. This episode aired again as a Season 4 episode on December 21, 1976, where an additional scene was added at the beginning of this episode. It's also aired in syndication sometimes, and it's never seen a release on DVD.

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