"Guess Who's Coming to Visit?" is the fourth episode of the first season of Happy Days. The episode was written by Lowell Ganz and Mark Rothman and directed by Jerry Paris. It aired on February 5, 1974 on ABC.


At Arnold's Drive-In, Richie goes to Skizzy Scollick's car, which he compliments until Ralph and Fonzie arrive in the former's car, which the latter has fixed up. Skizzy challenges Ralph to a drag race, which he reluctantly agrees to, though Fonzie declares that he will be driving for Ralph.

Inside, Richie, Fonzie, and Ralph discuss Skizzy's girlfriend, Jean, who Richie goes over to talk to until Skizzy catches them.

Richie plays basketball with Chuck while Joanie practices baton-twirling when Potsie comes and Richie fills him in on the drag race.

Howard and Marion prepare Richie for Potsie to stay over and he soon arrives. Around the dinner table, they discuss the "homework" that Potsie has come over to do with Richie.

Ralph shows up outside Richie's window and tells them that the drag race has been rescheduled for later and Potsie suggests they sneak out to go see the drag race, though Richie is reluctant. However, Potsie later convinces Richie to sneak out.

Marion brings milk and cookies for the boys, wondering where they went. Joanie tells her that they probably snuck out to the drag race.

At the race, Richie greets Jean, wishing her luck before Fonzie arrives. Richie is assigned to start the race after Skizzy believes Ralph to be dishonest. However, Howard shows up just before the race is to start. The police arrive and arrest everyone who did not manage to get away, including Howard.

At the police station, everyone's parents are called – except Howard, Richie, and Potsie – for them to be released. Howard takes Richie and Potsie home, Joanie curious of the former's punishment. After being told that he is grounded for life, Marion convinces Howard to reduce it to two weeks.

At Arnold's, Fonzie and Skizzy arm wrestle to determine who would have won the race. Everyone who is grounded soon leaves, which leaves Moose and a girl alone to dance.


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  • The title is a reference to the movie, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?.
  • The Cunninghams watch an episode of "The Untouchables". However, that show did not air until 1959 and the first season of Happy Days occurs in 1955.

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