Haunted was the sixth episode of Season 2 of Happy Days, also the 22nd overall episode in the series. Co-written by Bruce Shelly and Dave Ketchum, the episode, which was directed by Garry Marshall, premiered on ABC-TV on October 29, 1974.


After experiencing a few strange happenings, Richie begins to buy into the legend that the place where Ralph's Halloween party is to be held, the old Simpson house, is haunted. Ralph hosts an annual Halloween party the, and Richie thinks he saw a headless ghost.


Everyone helps put up Halloween decorations at Arnold's. Bag talks with Marsha about the Demons' plans. Ralph talks to Richie and Potsie about his annual Halloween party and asks Richie to visit the old Simpson house to check it out. Before taking Joanie to her Junior Chipmunk meeting, they stop at the Simpson house.

Joanie is frightened by a fallen picture and Richie opens a closet door and thinks he saw a headless ghost. Marion takes Joanie (dressed as a werewolf) and her friends out to do some trick-or-treating. Richie dresses as a skeleton and then goes to the party.

A little cowboy and a fairy princess come to the door for candy. Richie and Arlene arrive at the house and see Ralph in a coffin and then are greeted by everyone. Potsie bobs for apples and then Fonzie shows up with his date. Potsie and Ralph set up Richie with a dressed-up dummy in a closet. Bag and the Demons show up at the party once again uninvited. Joanie and Marion sort her candy to close the show.

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