Howard C. Cunningham was a main character on the ABC-TV sitcom Happy Days. He was played by Tom Bosley for the full 11 seasons of Happy Days. He was also played by Harold Gould in the episode of Love American Style titled "Love and the Happy Days", which inspired Happy Days producer Garry Marshall to create the Happy Days TV series.

About "Howie"[edit | edit source]

Often called "Mr. C." By Fonzie, Ralph Malph, and Warren "Potsie" Weber, is the Father of Charles, or "Chuck"Richie and Joanie Cunningham and the husband of Marion Cunningham . Mr. C owned his own hardware store, Cunningham Hardware, as a profession.

Howard is portrayed as an understanding father, who wants to support his kids in any way to make them happy, but also teach them the consequences in life actions as well. Sometimes those actions of his kids, his wife or The Fonz can get on his nerves, but he doesn't do it violently (often).

Most of the jokes directed at him are either about him being fat, or about how much he eats (The jokes about eating a lot are also directed at Potsie.) Sometimes, people joke about his Leopard Lodge hat (a leopard-print fez), too.

Howard used to be a cook in the army, which Richie and Marion often talk about.

Family[edit | edit source]

He is the father of Joanie and Richie Cunningham and Husband of Marion Cunningham.

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