"Kiss Me Sickly" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Happy Days, also the 38th overall episode in the series. Co-written as a teleplay by Michael Weinberger and James Ritz from a story co-penned by Paul Lichtman and Howard Storm, the episode, which was directed by George Tyne made its premiere airing on ABC-TV on April 29, 1975.


Richie inadvertently makes out with Fonzie's girlfriend, and fears he may have contracted mono.


Richie's case of mononucleosis endangers more than just his health after the Fonz finds out who gave Richie the dreaded "kissing disease". Richie watches Fonzie's girlfriend, while he leaves for a week.

Potsie tosses a football to Richie as they come out of school and Fonzie catches it. Fonzie plans on going to Rockford, IL for the demolition derby championship (representing Happy's garage) for a week and wants Richie to watch his girl, Denise Hudson.

Richie sends Denise a soda at Arnold's and Wendy delivers it to her. Denise wants to come over to watch some tv at the Cunningham's house at 7 o'clock. Howard looks at a TV Guide to decide what they will watch. Denise starts hugging Richie and Marion and Howard go into the kitchen to leave them alone and are found by Joanie kissing. Marion brings some animal crackers into the family room, and Richie and Denise leave for Inspiration Point.

Denise falls for him, but Richie insists she is Fonzie's girl. Richie fixes the basketball net at the house while he tells Potsie and Ralph that he has been up at Inspiration Point every night that week with Denise. The guys believe Richie has the symptoms of mono. Howard fixes the vacuum cleaner. Richie drinks Joanie's lemonade and protects his favorite glass.

Fonzie returns after a week and goes into his office (the restroom) and talks to Richie. Fonzie thinks about hitting Richie with an exhaust pipe but finds a loophole because he had also been with a girl on his trip. Richie gets a black eye when a kid opens the bathroom door and everyone winks it was the Fonz that hit him.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Wendy (Misty Rowe), who would go on to achieve bigger fame as a cast member of Hee Haw.


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