Leather Tuscadero, younger sister of Pinky Tuscadero, an old flame of Fonzie's, appears in seven episodes of Happy Days in Seasons 5 and 6. The part of Leather is played in the episodes by rock musician, singer and actress Suzi Quatro.

About Leather[edit | edit source]

Leather is the younger sister of mechanic Pinky Tuscadero, whom Fonzie briefly rekindled an old affair with for three episodes in Season 3 before going their separate ways. The two sisters never appear on Happy Days together, as Roz Kelly, who played the part of Pinky, was dropped from the Happy Days cast after having creative differences with the producers after her appearances in Season 3 and asked not to return, as Suzi Quatro would not make her first appearance as Leather until Season 5, in the "Fonzie the Rock Entrepreneur" two-episode story arc.

Leather fronted an all-girl rock band that was joined by principal character Joanie Cunningham. After her first two or three episode appearances, Leather returned to make litte more than cameo appearances on HD, with a notable exception in the episode "Marion: Fairy Godmother", as she once again appears for a date to a fancy fraternity formal with Ralph Malph, with whom she develops romantic feelings for, and who reciprocates the same feelings, as he was also smitten with her.

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Season 5
Season 6

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