Lori Beth Cunningham (née Allen,) is a fictional character played by Lynda Goodfriend. She was first introduced in Season 5's episode 4 "Hard Cover".[1]

About Lori Beth(Seasons 5-7)Edit

  • In the episode Richie wanted to find a college girl to go out with so The Fonz suggested that they go to the library because "girls like to read". Richie later met Lori Beth (Goodfriend had guest starred in the previous season as Kim, Ralph's date). They later made out in her room which resulted in Richie being late going out.
  • Lori Beth participated in a kissing booth for charity and Richie found out about and Al told him that she had not left it all week she also calls Richie "Bucko" after he found out about the kissing booth.[2]
  • in Season 5 episode 23 Lori Beth interviewed Howard and Marion Cunningham about how it feels to be living middle-class even though Richie does not want her to do this because he thinks he is trying to find out about his old girlfriends but she still does this and also interviews Chachi, Ralph, Potise, Fonzie, Al and Joanie.[3]

Seasons 8-9Edit

Goodfriend joined the main cast in season 8 after Ron Howard & Donny Most left the show the previous season to do other things. In this season Lori Beth & Richie were later married over phone in the same season with The Fonz filling in for absent Richie. Goodfriend was later dropped at the end of season 9 (though Goodfriend was absent for the season 9 finale).

Season 11Edit

Lori Beth, Richie & Richie Jr. came back in season 11 in the episode Welcome Home Parts 1 & 2. Ralph Malph also came back after being honorably discharged from the army. Lori Beth & Richie also returned in the series finale Passages Part 2, where they attended Joanie and Chachi's wedding.


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