Marion Cunningham s a main character played by Marion Ross on the sitcom Happy Days. She is one of the three characters to remain on the show for all 11 seasons. She is also one of three characters to be played by the same actors on the ABC-TV series Love American Style, as well as Happy Days (the others being Richie and Potsie Weber).

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Marion is the mother of Chuck, Richie and Joanie Cunningham and wife of Howard Cunningham. She is very nice, loving, caring, and occasionally funny and zany. She loves all of her kids and her husband Howard. She is the only person that is allowed by Fonzie to call him by his actual name, "Arthur", which she always calls him affecionately. She also is a feminist, and when Howard gets romantic/flirty with her, she calls it "frisky".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Marion is referred to affectionately as "Mrs. C" by Richie's friends.
  • Marion once became frustrated by her life as a housewife and fell out with Howard about it. Fonzie encouraged her to work at Arnold's as a waitress but she insulted Al's menu and interfered with people's orders (see "Marion Rebels" from Season 4).[1]
  • Marion became worried that Howard would leave her for a younger woman after she found out that one of her friends left his wife for a younger woman. She tries to prove to him that she is still young at heart but she goes completely over the top, Salome-style (see "Marion's Misgivings" from Season 5).[2]
  • Marion once went to jail after crashing Howard's beloved DeSoto into Arnold's ( see "Marion Goes to Jail" from Season 7).[3]

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