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Carol "Pinky" Tuscadero, an old romantic flame of Fonzie's, appears in three episodes of Happy Days; "Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 1", "Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 2" and "Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 3".. The part of Pinky is played in the episodes by Roz Kelly, who reprises the role of Pinky, now 20 years older, in an episode of the short-lived Happy Days spinoff, ABC-TV's Blansky's Beauties.


Pinky Tuscadero posing by her "ride" before racing in a demolition derby ("Fonzie Loves Pinky Part 1")

About Pinky[]

Pinky Tuscadero is a woman with red curly hair, for whom Fonzie has romantic feelings. They once almost married, but he changed his mind. Like Fonzie, she can fix vehicles and rides a motorbike (a pink one). She has become famous for her trick riding. Her trademark color is pink, demonstrated by her motto "Think Pink", her pink motorcycle, and the pink scarves worn by her and her coworkers, The Pinkettes.

In the "Fonzie Loves Pinky" episodes, Pinky helped Fonzie win a demolition derby challenge against their nemeses, the hated Malachi Brothers, and taught him an important lesson: not to be sexist. She cannot spell "Fonzarelli", but Fonzie jokes that she will learn, since she learned to spell "Tuscadero". She got injured while fixing her car, but has recovered Fonzie realizes when he gets a pink pay check that he was not cut out to be Mr. Tuscadero . Joanie wanted to be a Pinkette, but Marion, Richie and Howard objected. Pinky appeared again, this time 20 years older, in an episode of the short-lived ABC-TV Happy Days spinoff series, Blansky's Beauties.

In the Blansky's Beauties pilot, "Blansky's Biking Beauty", Joey DeLuca, cousin to Carmine Ragusa (both were played by Eddie Mekka), introduced Pinky to Nancy Blansky, Howard Cunningham's cousin and a Vegas-show biz vet who also happens to own a Las Vegas hotel. Blansky immediately hired Pinky for her stage show. Pinky wore the same outfit as in her Happy Days episodes, though her hair was now in a '70s style shag cut. She looked as though she had not aged in 20 years.

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