Richie's Flip Side was the 21st episode in Season 2 of Happy Days, also the 37th overall episode in the series. Co-written by Greg Strangis and Jerry Rannow, the episode, which was directed by Herb Wallerstein, premiered on ABC-TV on March 18, 1975.


Richie lets fame go to his head when he takes a turn as a disc jockey at the local radio station.


Richie becomes a disc jockey and gets his own radio show.

A disc jockey at W.O.W. radio station does a segment and then wants more money from his boss, Norman. Richie has a broom in his hand at the station and works there. The disc jockey quits, and Richard J. Cunningham is forced to go on the air. Richie gets DJ Charlie the Prince's (played by Warren Berlinger) job and still earns $25 a week from Mr. Bander. Richie comes in later for dinner and tells everyone about his new job.

Everyone at Arnold's is impressed with Richie and his job on the air. Richie "the C" is offered a job as the top disc jockey for W.O.W. Ralph and Potsie tell Richie is very average and that he needs to change his image. Richie can't go to the state fair because he has to do a promotional appearance at a supermarket.

Mr. Bander says they need to do a remote to compete with another radio station, W.E.E. Mr. Bander, Marsha, and Richie do some negotiations at a table at Arnold's. Richies brushes off the guys, and they decide to give him the business and ignore him at the live remote. Potsie, Ralph, and Fonzie ignore Richie when he asks for dedications on the air. Howard, Marion, and Joanie say that Richie is bombing during his live performance. Fonzie makes a dedication to several girls and then everyone starts to dance at the end.




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