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Episodes 16 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, January 17, 1974 - March 7, 1974
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This is a list of episodes from the first season of Happy Days.

The pilot for the series was aired on February 25, 1972, as part of an episode of Love, American Style in a segment titled "Love and the Television Set". For syndication reruns, this was retitled "Love and the Happy Days." The role of sister Joanie was played by 12-year-old Susan Neher. Father Howard was played by Harold Gould, and brother Chuck (/Charles) was played by Ric Carrott.[1][2]

The plot centers around how the Cunninghams buy their first television set, an expensive rare novelty in the 1950s, and Potsie convinces Richie to use that as an enticement to get a girl to agree to a date, which he does but in the end Richie gets crushed. His father uses his wisdom of experience to console him. Howard is so entranced by his new TV that he sits alone in the living room watching nothing but a test pattern and tone.

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The season aired Tuesdays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST).[3][4]


Season 1 (1974)Edit

Season 1 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date # in Series
AllTheWay1 1 "All the Way" Mel Ferber Rob Reiner, Philip Mishkin and Garry Marshall January 15, 1974 1
Potsie fixes Richie up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a "reputation" around town. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and the others to believe he did.

Notes: Two versions of this episode exist. The original version of the episode featured a few alternate takes and extended scenes. Additionally, a different actress portrayed the role of Joanie. The dinner table sequence at the Cunninghams' house was later reshot with Erin Moran in order to accommodate syndicated airings. Also, Arnold's Drive-In was portrayed as "Arthur's Restaurant," with exteriors filmed at a real restaurant with the same name in Burbank, California.

TheLemon1 2 "The Lemon" Jerry Paris Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant January 22, 1974 2
Richie and Potsie spend their hard-earned savings on their first car in an attempt to impress and attract girls; but although the car looks impressive, it soon becomes apparent that it's not the most roadworthy of vehicles.
Richie'sCupRunnethOver1 3 "Richie's Cup Runneth Over" Jerry Paris William S. Bickley & Bob Brunner January 29, 1974 3
Richie gets drunk at a stag party.
GuessWho'sComingtoVisit1 4 "Guess Who's Coming to Visit?" Jerry Paris Lowell Ganz & Mark Rothman February 5, 1974 4
Richie sneaks out of the house to watch Fonzie compete in a drag race.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Arnold's waitress Marsha Simms (played by Beatrice Colen).

HardwareJungle1 5 "Hardware Jungle" Jerry Paris Frank Buxton & Michael Leeson February 12, 1974 5
Richie has to miss a rock concert to take care of his dad's hardware store.
TheDeadlyDares1 6 "The Deadly Dares" Herb Wallerstein Steve Zacharias February 19, 1974 6
Richie and Potsie want to become members of a local gang called the Demons. But before being accepted as full-fledged members, they must perform the "six deadly dares".

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of "Bag" Zombrowski (Neil J. Schwartz).

FonzieDropsIn1 7 "Fonzie Drops In" Mel Ferber William S. Bickley & Bob Brunner February 26, 1974 7
Fonzie decides to re-enroll in high school. After rearranging the seating plan to his satisfaction, he asks Richie to do his homework and cheat for him.
Fonzie Image Needed 8 "The Skin Game" Mel Ferber William S. Bickley March 5, 1974 8
Richie and Potsie go to see a stripper named Bubbles McCall (Barbara Rhoades).
Fonzie Image Needed 9 "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" Jerry Paris William S. Bickley March 12, 1974 9
Richie and his girlfriend Arlene (Laurette Spang) decide to break up. Since it is too late to secure new dates for the upcoming high school prom, Richie and Arlene attend as friends.
GivetheBandaHand1 10 "Give the Band a Hand" Jerry Paris Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant March 26, 1974 10
Richie and the boys form a band to raise money, but Potsie loses it all in a poker game and Howard has to win it back for him.

Note: This episode marks the last appearance of Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck Cunningham. For the next season, the role would be portrayed by Randolph Roberts.

BecauseShe'sThere1 11 "Because She's There" Peter Baldwin Jack Winter April 2, 1974 11
For Ralph's costume party, Potsie sets Richie up on a blind date with Phyllis (Diana Canova), who towers over him.
Fonzie Image Needed 12 "In the Name of Love" Don Weis Jack Winter April 9, 1974 12
Potsie and Ralph are in love with Cindy Shellenberger, an attractive new girl at school, who asks Richie to study with her.
GreatExpectations1 13 "Great Expectations" Jerry Paris Teleplay by: Bob Brunner & Michael Leeson
Story by: Peggy Elliott & Ed Scharlach
April 16, 1974 13
Richie meets a beatnik named Deidre at the movies and gets caught up in her lifestyle.
TheBestMan1 14 "The Best Man" Jerry Paris Joel Kane April 23, 1974 14
Howard lets a black army buddy have his wedding at the Cunningham home, and faces racial prejudice from their neighbors.

Absent: Anson Williams as Potsie; Donny Most as Ralph

Fonzie Image Needed 15 "Knock Around the Block" Jerry Paris Ben Joelson & Art Baer April 30, 1974 15
Richie and the gang try to get Potsie's bike back from the gang who stole it.
BetheFirstonYourBlock1 16 "Be the First on Your Block" Jerry Paris Richard Morgan May 7, 1974 16
Howard decides to build a bomb shelter; but when Richie tells his friends, problems quickly arise when each assumes they will have a spot reserved in the shelter for them too, should the need arise.