"Happy Days": Season Seven

Happy Days Richie and Fonzie gets help from friends Laverne-Shriley-Season 7-Shotgun Wedding

Richie gets help from Laverne and Shirley in the episode "Shotgun Wedding".

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Episodes 25 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, September 11, 1979 - May 6, 1980
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This is a list of episodes from the seventh season of Happy Days.

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The season aired Tuesdays at 8:00–8:30 pm (EST).[1][2]


Season 7 (1979–80)Edit

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Season 7 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date # in Series
Fonzie Image Needed 1 "Shotgun Wedding: Part 1" Jerry Paris Fred Fox, Jr. September 11, 1979 143
The gang visits a farm, where Richie and Fonzie romance the very strict farmer's daughters and get themselves in a jam.

Note: In its original airing, this episode was the first part of a two-part crossover with Laverne & Shirley. For syndication, an alternate ending, in lieu of the original cliffhanger ending, was filmed. In fact, many local stations skipped this episode altogether from their syndication schedule, as they didn't have the rights to Laverne & Shirley.

Fonzie Image Needed 2 "Chachi Sells His Soul" Jerry Paris Walter Kempley September 18, 1979 144
Feeling that the guys treat him like a kid, Chachi falls asleep in a booth at Arnold's, and has a dream that he sells his soul to the devil's nephew.

Note: This episode featured Jimmy Brogan as Random the Guardian Angel from the 1979 television series Out of the Blue.

Fonzie Image Needed 3 "Fonzie Meets Kat" Jerry Paris Dave Ketchum & Tony Di Marco September 25, 1979 145
The gang needs help in a big bar fight, but Fonzie has vowed not to engage in violence for 24 hours. Fonzie meets the mysterious Kat Mandu (Deborah Pratt).

Note: A spinoff pilot was written for the role of Kat, but it wasn't picked up and therefore never evolved.

Fonzie Image Needed 4 "Marion Goes to Jail"  Jerry Paris Barbara Berkowitz October 2, 1979 146
Marion crashes Howard's beloved DeSoto into Arnold's and ends up behind bars. Meanwhile, Al tries to find a way to keep the cold out of Arnold's.

Note: Ed Peck returns as Officer Kirk.

Fonzie Image Needed 5 "Richie's Job" Jerry Paris Terry Hart October 9, 1979 147
In hopes of working his way up the corporate ladder as a writer, Richie takes a loading dock job at the local newspaper and learns about life on the other side.

Note: Although out of order, this episode was the first episode of the season produced.

Fonzie Image Needed 6 "Richie Falls in Love" Jerry Paris Ria Nepus October 23, 1979 148
Richie decides he needs to grow up, and tries to fulfill that decision by romancing an older woman.
Fonzie Image Needed 7 "Fonzie's a Thespian" Jerry Paris Hollace White October 30, 1979 149
When Marion needs a male lead in her community production of "The Rainmaker," only Fonzie can fit the bill.
Fonzie Image Needed 8 "Burlesque" Jerry Paris Dave Ketchum & Tony Di Marco November 6, 1979 150
When the performers don't show up for Howard's Leopard Lodge Fundraiser, the gang must step in and take over the show.
Fonzie Image Needed 9 "Joanie Busts Out" Jerry Paris Beverly Bloomberg November 13, 1979 151
Chachi gets a job as a photographer's assistant, and panics when he finds out that Joanie will be one of the models appearing without clothes.

Guest starring: Rhonda Shear.

Absent: Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio.

Fonzie Image Needed 10 "King Richard's Big Night" Jerry Paris James P. Dunne November 20, 1979 152
Richie loses control at a college party after a troublemaking frat boy nicknamed Bullfrog slips a Mickey Finn into his drink. After his friends turn against him because of his behavior at the party, Richie seeks Fonzie's help to expose Bullfrog and bust him for getting Richie in trouble.

Absent: Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio.

Fonzie Image Needed 11 "Fonzie vs. The She-Devils" Jerry Paris Sam Greenbaum November 27, 1979 153
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go to a party with a girl biker gang, and discover that they have kidnapped Chachi and are planning to shave his head. Fonzie comes to the rescue posing as a nerd.
Fonzie Image Needed 12 "The Mechanic" Jerry Paris Fred Fox, Jr. December 4, 1979 154
Fonzie's new assistant at the garage is handicapped and confined to a wheelchair, and has a very bad attitude about it.
Fonzie Image Needed 13 "They're Closing Inspiration Point" Jerry Paris Beverly Bloomberg December 11, 1979 155
The gang protests to save Inspiration Point from development—and it turns out that Howard is behind the development project.
Fonzie Image Needed 14 "Here Comes the Bride Again" Jerry Paris Bob Howard December 18, 1979 156
Howard and Marion decide to renew their wedding vows.

Special Guest stars: Bob and Ray.

Fonzie Image Needed 15 "Ah, Wilderness" Jerry Paris Barry Rubinowitz January 8, 1980 157
Richie's promise to show the gang a great time in the outdoors does not go according to plan.

Side note: This episode marks the network television debut of actress and comedian Julie Brown.

Fonzie Image Needed 16 "Joanie's Dilemma" Jerry Paris April Kelly January 15, 1980 158
Joanie debates whether or not to visit Inspiration Point's "Alamo" with her new boyfriend.

Side note: The original prints for this episode indicated that the episode was written by April Clough. This was later changed on request from the writer and now appears in all subsequent prints of the episode.

Fonzie Image Needed 17 "Hot Stuff" Jerry Paris Fred Fox, Jr. January 22, 1980 159
When Al leaves Arnold's early, he leaves Chachi in charge. After Joanie (finally, after several past rejections) accepts a date with Chachi, Chachi becomes so overwhelmed with joy that he puts his feelings for Joanie in the way of responsibility, leaving the kitchen grill on and throwing his apron on the grill when he leaves, causing Arnold's to go up in flames.

Fonzie, Potsie, and Ralph get trapped in the restroom; so Fonzie, using his motorcycle helmet, tries to break them out using his head; but gets knocked unconscious. Luckily, Richie and Lori Beth are nearby making out in Richie's car when Lori Beth hears Potsie and Ralph's desperate cries for help. Realizing what's happening, Richie and Lori Beth quickly rescue Ralph, Potsie, and Fonzie by tying a cord from their car to the restroom window's grate, breaking it away and bailing the guys out. Regardless, Arnold's unfortunately burns down. Later, as the gang surveys the damage, Chachi admits his irresponsibility that caused the disaster, which infuriates Fonzie. In the end, however, Fonzie offers his life savings to Al, volunteering to become Al's business partner as they set out to rebuild a more modern (for the 1960s) Arnold's.

Note: This storyline was part of a decision by producers Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz that the old '50s-style Arnold's was no longer appealing enough to teen audiences; it was burned down so it could be replaced with a more modern 60s-style restaurant set to coincide with the turn of the decade from the 1950s to the 1960s.

Fonzie Image Needed 18 "The New Arnold's" Jerry Paris Hollace White January 29, 1980 160
With insurance money now in hand, Al begins to rebuild Arnold's, and considers Fonzie as a business partner. (In fact, Al and Fonzie name the new drive-in "Fonzie & Big Al" for a while before reverting it back to "Arnold's.") But being partners in the newly rebuilt restaurant is harder than they expected.

Note: This episode unveils the new Arnold's 60s set, which would be used for the remainder of the series' run, as well as a new "office" in the men's room for Fonzie, complete with a desk and telephone.

Fonzie Image Needed 19 "The Hucksters" Jerry Paris Mark Rothman February 5, 1980 161
Howard explores television advertising to boost business for the hardware store.

Special Guest star: Hank Aaron as himself.

Fonzie Image Needed 20 "Allison" Jerry Paris Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea February 12, 1980 162
Fonzie dates a deaf girl (Linda Bove), and Richie thinks he is leading her on. Even so, Fonzie thinks she may be "the one."
Fonzie Image Needed 21 "Fools Rush In" Jerry Paris Beverly Bloomberg February 26, 1980 163
Joanie and Chachi finally go on their first date, but the kids whom Joanie is babysitting that night keep getting in the way.
Fonzie Image Needed 22 "Father & Son" Jerry Paris Fred Fox, Jr. March 4, 1980 164
Howard decides he wants to get to know Richie better, and takes him along on a Lodge weekend in Chicago.
Fonzie Image Needed 23 "A Potsie is Born" Jerry Paris Ria Nepus March 11, 1980 165
Potsie is offered a lucrative singing contract by a manipulative promoter (Pat Crowley), and the fame goes to his head.

Note: Although out of order, this episode was the last episode of the season produced.

Fonzie Image Needed 24 "The Roaring Twenties" Jerry Paris Dave Ketchum & Tony Di Marco March 25, 1980 166
Richie asks his great-uncle to review his report on the 1920s. In turn, he spins for Richie a tale of the family's activities during prohibition.

Special Guest star: Pat O'Brien.

Fonzie Image Needed 25 "Ralph's Family Problem" Jerry Paris Dave Ketchum & Tony Di Marco May 6, 1980 167
Ralph is shocked to learn his parents are divorcing.

Notes: This episode marks the final regular appearances of Ron Howard and Donny Most as Richie Cunningham and Ralph Malph, respectively, on the series. Also, this episode was shot prior to "Hot Stuff," since the Arnold's scenes take place in the original Arnold's set.