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Episodes 22 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, September 28, 1982 - May 10, 1983
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This page lists all of the episodes aired in the eighth and final season of Laverne & Shirley


Cast changes[]

Cindy Williams departed the series, this after appearing in the season opening episode "The Mummy's Bride" as she was pregnant with her first child. In May, Williams and her manager-husband singer Bill Hudson presented a list of demands to accommodate her pregnancy and pending child birth, which Paramount refused. In August, two episodes into production of the series' eighth season, Williams left the show and filed a $20 million lawsuit against Paramount. The case was later settled out of court and Williams was released from her contract.[1]

As for Shirley, she quickly falls in love in the two episodes produced before Williams' departure, and marries Army medic Walter Meany (making her Shirley Feeney Meany). In Williams' final scenes, Shirley discovers that she is pregnant. Shirley's absence is explained with a note left for Laverne saying that she had left town quickly to join her husband overseas.

Season 8 (1982–83)[]

Season 8 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date No. in series Prod. code
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 1 "The Mummy's Bride" Tom Trbovich Roger Garrett September 28, 1982 157 157
Shirley makes plans to marry Walter Meeney.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 2 "Window on Main Street" Tom Trbovich Al Aidekman October 12, 1982 158 158
The roommates spend a week in a store display.

Note: This is Cindy Williams' final episode.

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 3 "The Note" Gabrielle Alice James Judy Pioli October 19, 1982 159 169
Shirley leaves to live with her new husband.

Note: This is the first episode without Cindy Williams.

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 4 "Lost in Spacesuits" Tom Trbovich Barry Rubinowitz October 26, 1982 160 166
Laverne gets a job testing anti-gravity boots.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 5 "The Playboy Show" Michael McKean Ed Solomon & Joan Marks
(Teleplay by : Ed Solomon
November 9, 1982 161 160
Laverne decides to become a Playboy bunny.

NoteHugh Hefner and Carrie Fisher both guest star.

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 6 "Death Row: Part 1" Tom Trbovich Gene Braunstein & Robert Perlow November 16, 1982 162 167
Laverne gets mixed up with a group of radicals who rob a bank.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 7 "Death Row: Part 2" Tom Trbovich Nick LeRose November 23, 1982 163 168
Laverne gets sent to Death Row by mistake.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 8 "Jinxed" Tom Trbovich Tony DiMarco & Dave Ketchum November 30, 1982 164 171
Laverne thinks her bad luck is connected to a chain letter.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 9 "Of Mice and Men" Paul Sills Story by : Susan Jane Lindner & Jack Lukes
Teleplay by : Jill Gordon & Ed Solomon
December 7, 1982 165 170
Laverne's boyfriend loses his self-confidence.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 10 "The Gymnast Show" Tom Trbovich Monica Johnson December 14, 1982 166 173
Laverne discovers she resembles a circus aerialist's partner, whom he blames for a serious trapeze accident.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 11 "The Monastery Show" Tom Trbovich Story by : Ken Sagoes & Nick LaRose
Teleplay by : Jill Gordon & Ed Solomon
January 4, 1983 167 175
Laverne goes to a monastery for rest and relaxation.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 12 "Defective Ballet" Tom Trbovich Nick LeRose January 11, 1983 168 165
Squiggy is mistaken for a defecting Russian dancer.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 13 "The Baby Show" Phil Perez Judy Pioli January 18, 1983 169 159
Sgt. Plout enlists Laverne's help in winning an expectant-mothers contest.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 14 "The Rock & Roll Show" Chris Thompson Jill Gordon January 25, 1983 170 172
Chuck asks Laverne to manage his band.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 15 "The Fashion Show" Tom Trbovich Roger Garrett, Al Aidekman & Marc Sotkin February 1, 1983 171 163
Laverne thinks her photographer boyfriend is spending too much time with models.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 16 "Short on Time" Tom Trbovich Jack Lukes February 8, 1983 172 161
Laverne's commitment to babysitting could hurt her chances of singing with the Spinners.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 17 "Ghost Story" Tom Trbovich Kenny Wolin & Barry Bleach February 15, 1983 173 176
Laverne believes there's a ghost in her apartment.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 18 "Please Don't Feed the Buzzards" Tom Trbovich Story by : Andy Goldberg & Cheryl Alu
Teleplay by : Andy Goldberg
February 22, 1983 174 162
Lenny and Squiggy try to keep their treasure map a secret, but they soon have Frank and Carmine along on the treasure hunt.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 19 "How's Your Sister?" Tom Trbovich Roger Garrett March 1, 1983 175 174
Carmine accepts payment to date Squiggy's sister, then comes to regret it when Rhonda invites them to a big party.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed.png 20 "Do the Carmine" Tom Trbovich Jay Grossman March 15, 1983 176 164
An activist claims that anti-American propaganda can be heard on Carmine's hit record—if it plays in reverse.
Phil-foster-frank-defazio-candidate.jpg 21 "Councilman DeFazio" Tom Trbovich Dottie Archibald & Phil Foster May 3, 1983 177 177
Frank runs for city council in protest of plans to raze Cowboy Bill's for an office complex.
LS episode 8x22 - Here Today Hair Tomorrow.png 22 "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" Tom Trbovich Story by : Susan Jane Lindner & Ken Sagoes
Teleplay by : Susan Jane Lindner
May 10, 1983 178 178
Carmine moves to the Big Apple to make it as an actor.

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