The Motorcycle was the second episode of the third season of Happy Days, and also, the 41st overall episode of the series. Co-written by William S. Bickley & Michael Warren, the episode, directed by Jerry Paris, originally aired on ABC-TV on September 16, 1975.


The Cunninghams try to keep Fonzie too tied up to take revenge when he finds out who demolished his beloved bike.


Fonzie is devastated when he discovers that someone wrecked his beloved motorcycle, leaving it scattered in pieces. Vengeance is vowed, and soon a plan is hatched to track down the culprit—-but why is Ralph acting so concerned?

Richie and the family have breakfast. Richie goes out to get the newspaper and finds Fonzie's motorcycle in many pieces. Fonzie gets ready to go to work and then finds out. Fonzie thinks about putting the motorcycle back together and then tells Richie and Howard a speech about it. Fonzie has no insurance for the motorcycle.

Ralph acts nervous when he sees the guys at Arnold's. Potsie suggests to Fonzie that he use the tire tracks to trace down who the culprit is. The next day, Ralph comes to Arnold's dressed in a suit and carrying a suitcase and plans to go west and then admits to Richie in the restroom that he was the one who totaled Fonzie's motorcycle.

Ralph ran over the bike several times after a late date several times after the bike was parked in the street. The Cunninghams devise a plan, and Joanie performs a trick as a magician and the entire family ties Fonzie to a chair with rope.

Ralph comes in and admits that he caused the accident and wants to make amends, but Fonzie says he wants to kill him and tries to get Ralph, as he later comes back with a new bike from Honest Ira's All-Night Bike Shop (after visiting 27 different bike shops). Fonzie says Ralph can pay off the bike by working at the garage.



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