The Other Richie Cunningham was the fifth episode of the third season of Happy Days; it was also the 44th overall episode in the series. Co-written by Dick Bensfield and Perry Grant, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, first aired on ABC-TV on October 7, 1975.


Howard is possibly about to close a big business deal for his hardware store, and asks Richie to take the client's daughter on a date. But Richie already has another important date planned, so he asks Potsie to take his place and pose as Richie, causing chaos.


To help secure a lucrative business deal for Cunningham Hardware, Howard asks Richie to take his client (Ned Wertimer) George McKinnie's daughter Winnie (Sherry Hursey) out on a date. Problem is, Richie already has a date ... but then he learns that Potsie doesn't. When things get really thick after Winnie complains to her dad about Potsie, who she thinks is Richie, getting fresh with her on their date, until Richie and Howard reveal the truth to George about Potsie posing as Richie, as George reveals the truth about his "hardware empire" to Howard as he only owning one store just like Howard, which is smaller than his.

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